Buyer A, France
Factories interest: you propose a medium sized and more larger factories
Quality: you can offer two kinds of quality ("all machine-made" and "mid / hand made")
Marketing and commercial structure large export experience for Europe (customer need) and French market knowledge (most competitor than other country)

Buyer B, France
Let's say that;
IVENA International hast the level of quality and service required by EMC Asia. IVENA International and EMC Asia have achieved some great things together during the past year, communication has always been excellent between us. We trust that it is important to have a reliable and stable partner, especially in Indonesia.

Buyer C, Holland
I'm choosing IVENA because of the very long time we are already doing business. In fact we have a long history, which already started from the beginning of the founding of IVENA. As far as I remember we were one of the first customers of Ivena. And since that time we continued our business. Sometimes more/sometimes less.
for me IVENA is reliable/professional and investing money in the company instead of expensive cars and buildings. It's also sympathetic that they give a part of the profit to a foundation for supporting people in difficult circumstances. And:
- Good quality control
- Good service

Buyer D, German