• We aim at a high measure of security and health in the entire enterprise. We inform our workers in detail about concrete protection devices on the job, e.g. carrying of protective masks.
• Our experienced and qualified workers draw by a high measure to competent of expertise.
• We shall work carefully, skilfully and with pride.
• Our workers work motivated and innovatively for the implementation of the company targets.

• We see environmental protection placing as important executive function and surely that it is converted on all levels.
• Environmentally conscious thinking and acting belong to the firm values of the IVENA International Group.
• With own plantation we try to ensure sustainable forest growth and production for future generation.

Costumer Satisfaction:
• We guarantee highest quality standards, by continuous and strictest control measures.
• High customer satisfaction by a high quality standard of the achievements and products, by accurate dates of delivery and fair prices is our highest company target.
• Our products are cut to needs for the individual customer; therefore your satisfaction is of highest importance is for us.
• As a manufacturer of Teak furniture, leading world-wide, we see our task in the constant development of new products.
• Optimal adjustment at the needs and a reliable, efficient function are provided for the satisfaction of our customers.